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E-Waste (computer Recycling)

What is e-waste? This is a greener option of disposing of all your technical junk. From old screens to full computers and backup batteries, these items should be disposed of properly, and can even be recycled. We collect all your “tech-junk” and dispose of it properly.

SMS Service

As with Bulk emailing Winet Technologies can provide various bulk SMS options, whether you need a SMS service on your website or to send notifications to your clients.

Bulk Email marketing

Sending marketing emails can quickly rack up a huge amount of email in a short time. Most email providers limit your amount of emails within a certain time frame and can therefore block your domain or email service. No business can go without email days while proving that you do not send SPAM messages.


Winet Technologies can provide bulk email service to send hundreds or even thousands of emails in a short period of time with no risk to your domain or email services. These emails are created in HTML format to ensure most email programs (clients) can display the email correctly.


You simply forward the document/design and client database or we can create a design for you. From there we do the rest. Your database is kept up to date with clients requesting the newsletter and those declining. We can provide statistics of how many clients received and opened the email and even how many clicked on a certain link with in the email.


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