A variety of support solutions to fit every need

Backup Solutions

Data are lost because proper backup procedures and solutions are not in place. Backups on the same computer and even same premises have no advantage. We can setup the correct solution for your business and pickup daily or weekly backups as needed to ensure offsite backups are secure and done frequently enough for your type of business.

On-site support

We drive to you and support the customer on their own premises. No need for the customer to unplug their equipment or drive anywhere. This is normally the best solutions as the problem is addressed with all possibilities taken into account.

Online Support

We resolve a high percentage of problems telephonically and over the internet. This is the quickest and cheapest solution as no one has to leave their office. We connect to your computer and can attend to the problem within seconds. No security risks as the customer have to supply the security code every time we connect. The customer can also see exactly what the technician does on his computer, and even learn in the process.


Don’t have the technical knowledge to resolve small problems relating to other software used in your business. Winet Technologies can assist you and the software company to resolve these problems with ease, either onsite or online.

Walk-in support

The customer brings the equipment to our offices and we do the relevant support and repairs


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