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Winet Technologies pride itself in not just selling hardware but selling equipment that will always benefit the client in the long run. We look at price but we keep value for money, longevity and upgrade possibilities in mind. Winet Technologies prefer to focus on products with ‘n long lifespan and exceptional warranties catered specifically for the business person in mind. We know you cannot be without your laptop for weeks on end while warranty repairs are carried out.


This ensures that the client saves money and resources over time. Winet Technologies provide a wide variety of hardware devices and equipment ranging from cable converters through to TV’s and cameras. Feel free to give us a call for a quote on your next hardware purchase.


NOTE: We give 1 hour free online support for the first month with every purchase of a full computer or laptop. Please contact us for more information


As with the hardware we can provide a range of software applications and also the support thereof. In some instances the 3rd party software provider needs a more technical person to resolve problems. For instance, you might have problems relating to your accounting software database and find it difficult to resolve or communicate with their technical staff. Winet Technologies have helped numerous clients with similar problems and can resolve these type of issues faster.

Maintenance and Repairs Services

Keeping printers and computers running at all times can be a daunting task and very frustrating. Winet Technologies can help with most technical problems without anyone leaving your office. With the variety of services described we can resolve your problems in one of three ways.


- Call us to fix it over the internet within minutes

- For the more difficult problems we can come to your premises at no extra cost within Potchefstroom or

- If you want to stretch your legs and visit us, you are more than welcome to bring the problem maker to us


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